I like their frequent updates. There is a new hotfix available. It was planned this way, but whatever comes with hotfixes is usually incorporated into final versions. I wish they would stop fucking with SC2 “enhancements” they keep messing my shit up. And i love MLAA. Find More Posts by Ulysses Login or Register to remove this ad.

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Hopper64’s System Specs Graphics. Find More Posts by Dwarden. Page 1 of 2.

Or even more just like in MS Excel. Originally Posted by void4ever I just did a search on the main page for Nov 15, Find More Posts by Danny Nissan.

Kraeshok’s System Specs Motherboard. Sasquach’s System Specs Motherboard.

AMD Catalyst 10.10e Hotfix Drivers Released – Windows 7 Only

We won’t run out of letters till then. Installed these yesterday and I haven’t gotten a chance to test other games, but World of Warcraft plays like garbage now. Login or Register to remove this ad. Page is also pointing to the hhotfix file ends with nov5 instead of nov9.


AMD Catalyst e Hotfix Drivers Released – Windows 7 Only – EVGA Forums

As a result, my framerate takes a hit when I play Black Ops. Asus Xonar Xense, Logitech Z 5. The time now is Nov 12, 8.

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Nov 12, Arthur HucksakeNov 13, I catlyst this hotfix last night and enabled MLAA through the control panel. No OC and they go down to Can anyone confirm if this fixed performance in Black Ops?

The problem with this method is that they are not fixing specific problems with CCC itself such as the the pink tint problem.

ShieldSquare reCAPTCHA Page

Arthur HucksakeNov 14, SonDa5Nov 12, May 8, In fact, anything to do with Java was completely blurred out! Nov 12, 2. Find More Posts by nutcrackr. Originally Posted by anthonyl Just installed these and within seconds of starting a round of BF2 and for the first time in many years Troll Master of Manchesville.


No they do not.

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