As a PLT file, I do not think you need to have a stroke applied. Tiki Nov 18, Feb 12, 6. And do not repeat this Not sure if this is null-modem, internet would not say.

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With Corel you will need a bridge program, co-cut being one, to output to your cutter.

I have a 9 pin expgess connection on my computer. Could you check your cable I was told maybe to get a 25 pin serial card????? Feb 12, 9. Discussion in ‘ Miscellaneous Plotters ‘ started by whitesandFeb 11, Make sure you do not connect to the parallel port!!

Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs So I don’t think your cutter will recognize anything until you ae75e get different software, or a bridge for Corel. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Feb 12, 8.

Search Media New Media. Hope there are not to many questions!!!!! But you guys are great, The forums here are very interesting, if not funny and amusing at times. This site uses cookies. Tiki Nov 18, Feb 12, 2. Feb 12, 4.


anagraph ana express elite cutter user manual plotter vinyl cutter

Could be wrong wouldnt be the first time Feb 12, 3. I don’t know of any drivers to cut directly from corel. Feb 11, 1. Feb 11, 1 whitesand New Member 12 0 0 Sep 21, I have just bought this older plotter and ezpress never seen it run I had bought a null modem cord the ADP tech in Calif said too and it didnt work, I went back to another cord with a adaptor and got it to work!!

I was just wondering that if I hooked it upusing a 25 pin serial cable with a 25 to 9 pin adaptor should my OS XP at least recognize it?

Easy Cut Studio Compatible Vinyl Cutters and Plotters

My serial port is turned on in bios, is there a way to check the serial port to see if it is being usedI am semi-good on computers but not a genius. What are you guys or gals that have an Anagraph using??


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Another Anagraph AE-75e Question

As a PLT file, I do not think you need to have a stroke applied. But they do not say what kind of cable I need I really appreciate all the advice and will try it this weekend.

I am getting something but do not have it right now Fonts and Typography Replies: Create rectangle in Corel and export as c: Feb 23, 11 whitesand New Member 12 0 0 Sep 21, C: Show Ignored Content Loading

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