Introduction I was very impressed with Jeff Morgan, known as Cheezy, who recently wrote a series of blog posts about how to use Cucumber and Watir, and shared his code on Github. Wrap the watir-webdriver logic in a BDD framework. Just wanted to let you know that your blog is still helping aspiring coders in the future. Make sure I get useful output for test results. Headless is a Ruby interface for Xvfb. Bret joined ThoughtWorks in and was introduced to the work Jason Huggins was doing with leveraging JavaScript in the browser for testing using a program that was initially called JavaScriptTestRunner, and would eventually became known as Selenium.

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When the computer has been running fore some hours, processing typically more than a jobs, then uncloses browsers start to become a problem.

For anyone wondering, the correct regex to use at the time celsrity writing is this: A common method simply retrieves the appropriate test data, and provides it to the step to use.

Please leave all celeirty on the original article. Most Ruby web frameworks and testing frameworks are supported. I broke out the test into a class that has to be instantiated.

With his work on watir-webdriver, he decided to take the Celerity specs and make them usable for both projects.

Do a search using data specified externally Given I am on the Google Home Page When I search for a ridiculously small number of results Then I should see at most 5 results. You can spend a lot of time looking through various Wiki pages xelerity blog posts to figure out the webriver of information you need to eventually have a fully working solution.


If you follow my instructions in Open Source Automation Setup you should be off to a good start. This endeavor has been mostly independent from writing the code.

ruby – Watir-webdriver – force firefox to close – Stack Overflow

Used to find the nth element of the specified type on a page. Clearly one approach would just be to print nothing if everything succeeded and save output for error situations. I also mention this on Open Source Automation Setup. For example, did you know that the browser in all my examples is an instance variable? Thanks, but I already use the headless gem, but stat still runs a firefox application in the background.

I’ve been using Celerity to run automated tests and it has been robust. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Niels Kristian 4, 7 39 And how I can debug it? As far as it not working with Safari, part of the problem is that there is not a driver library that I am aware of that runs reliably enough on Safari with WebDriver. Once I had that script running, I made sure I could run the test in other browsers by executing these commands:.

One such is known as HtmlUnit, which is an automation library for Java. Alex Rodionov had been an active contributor for the previous three years and took over primary ownership of the project with assistance from Titus Fortner who was working with Bret at Blackbaud at that time and had just been officially added to the development team.


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Automated Testing with Watir and RSpec, Part 1

A long-lived project that still receives updates. Since this a headless browser you can see I dropped the idea of passing in the browser name. Used to identify an image by it’s URL. I was very impressed with Celerigy Morgan, known as Cheezy, who recently wrote a watit of blog posts about how to use Cucumber and Watir, and shared his code on Github. Here the control refers to the browser itself. Alister Scott on January 22, As it matured, the development of Watir branched into a group of related tools for different browsers.

Running this test should give you the same output as the previous test script but, since this is a headless execution, you will webdriber no browser open up as part of the test execution.

Used for an element that has a class attribute. This initializes a browser onceand then uses the same browser instance for each Cucumber scenario. I would like to point out that in the hours passed ceoerity my post and upon further google-searching, i managed to find a workaround. So instead of browser.

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