I have an issue with a printer which with a specific file, when trying to print it provides the following error message:. Problems with PS global print driver and windows 10 version We have tried swapping to Type 3 and this does work but it means that the entire company has to run type 3 and the whole print server re-configured. The type 3 is version Xerox Colorqube – always error Filter failed on Mac.

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Was this page helpful? I downloaded the firmware update software but it does not find any firmware files when I launch it.

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Recently we patched a clients Servers R2 and since September, we have had a huge issue with no users being able to add Type 4 drivers. Now, we need to create a new printer port. Browsing All Articles Articles. Our server sees it fine. WorkCentre will only print via Ethernet.

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Would greatly appreciate any help on this. Now we need to specify what driver to use for the newly created printer. Where would I find the latest firmware that is installed in the printer? Contact us about this article.

Enter your account number in the ‘default user ID’ section. Click okay, and then click apply.


Xerox Colorqube 9301, 9302, 9303

I have just installed a new Phaser Hi, I’m just changing my fuser like my printer asked Good morning, I would like to report a problem arising on the Phaser DN printer In the graphic printing phase the images are doubled This is 99301 a driver problem because the defect is also highlighted by printing the reports directly from the printer.

We have tried swapping to Type 3 and this does work but it means that the entire company has to run type 3 and the whole print server re-configured. Do you need further assistance?

To do this, open your web browser and go to http: The type 3 is version Then something went wrong with the network, and I had to reset the router completely, cllorqube a new 2. WC won’t print anything, internally or from a computer. I was wondering if you could log something with Xerox to see if anyone else has had this issue recently and if Xerox has a fix or if this is Solely a Microsoft issue.

Hello all, how are you? Phaser prints but displays error message that no paper is loaded. We’re here to help. Thank you for a replay. Hi, Long time user of my Xerox and for colorqkbe most part its been problem free aside from Scan to PC stops working if my windows computer ever goes to sleep. C75 with blotchy black printing.


ColorQube 9303 Drivers & Downloads

Any insight or ideas to try? However, we aren’t quite done yet.

Can you help me solve? I’ve done some testing, and for an example a client with Windows 10 will be working fine, and the upgrading said client to versionwill result in the setting not being transfered and the printers which had default A3 paper size selected will coloraube be A4.

I’ve gone through every menu item I can access and reset everything I could find. I have seen the previous thread and made sure my drivers were current and paper set up was correct.

Windows may say ‘Additional port information required’. Recently its been printing pictures with noticiable blotches colodqube toner missing.

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