Electrostatic discharge ESD can damage your system board, proces- sor, disk drives, add-in boards, and other components. Determine which setting is correct, either turn off the system and change the jumper or enter Setup and change the VIDEO selection. If you are using a USB 2. The manufacturer makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents or use of this manual and specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any Introduction AC Power Failure Recovery When power returns after an AC power failure, you may choose to either power-on the system manually, let the system power-on automatically or return to the state where you left off before power failure occurs. DMI, along with the appropriately networked software, is designed to make inventory, maintenance and troubleshooting of computer systems easier. Page 24 Hardware Installation 4.

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Your version may not be identical to this one. The system board comes with the retention module base al- ready installed. The processor shown under Computer should resemble the one shown below. Page 88 – Intel chipset software installation util Position the CPU above the socket then align the gold mark on the corner of the CPU designated as pin 1 with pin 1 of the socket.


If your monitor supports analog video but does not have a pin D-shell connector, see your monitor dealer for the adapter or optional cable. Audio Drivers Supported Software 4. The following will appear. Serial Ports Hardware Installation 2.

Gold mark Pin 1 4. Joystick or MIDI port: The 3D Audio Configuration software, which is an audio panel for setting basic audio configurations, will at the same time be installed into your system. Audio Configuration Supported Software 4. With DMI, a network administrator or MIS engineer can remotely access some information about a particular computer system without physically going to it.

Follow the installation instructions shown on the screen. Notch Pin 1 1.

The items shown under Computer and Processors should resemble the ones shown below. You should use these values only if you have hardware problems.

Page 92 845gv-,lv Software 4.

Your version may not be identi- cal to this one. Click the General tab. Jumper Settings Hardware Installation 2. This section gives you functions to configure the system based on the specific features of the chipset.



Lan Drivers Supported Software 4. The chipset manages bus dfj and access to system memory resources. Page 29 Hardware Installation 2. The modifications you have made will be written into the CMOS memory, and the system will reboot. Power Connectors Hardware Installation 2.

Diamond Flower Inc (DFI) 845GV-MLV Video Driver

Pin 1 of the DIM module must correspond with Pin 1 of the socket. Enabling Hyper-Threading Technology c. The frequency ratio of some processors may have been locked by the manufacturer.

Audio Jacks Hardware Installation 2. Troubleshooting The picture seems to be constantly moving.

DFI 845GV-MLV User Manual

When disabled, the system will not wake up from the power management mode 84gv-mlv access to the specified field. The mic- in at the rear will be disabled. Intel Graphics Drivers Supported Software 4.

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