The detection can be started at any phase of the input signal. In said mutual-capacitive detection, when a driven conductive strip is being provided with a driving signal, capacitances or changes in capacitances of all intersections on the driven conductive strip are detected with all sensed conductive strips arranged in different dimensions to the driven conductive strip, and are regarded as a row of pixels. When the capacitive pen P approaches or touches an intersection e. In a passive mode, the wire is coupled to DC voltage. If a first voltage variation which exceeds a first threshold is measured by the circuit, it is determined that something is approaching the touch area near the wire.

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According to stepthe present invention includes a means for detecting each first region, wherein each first region includes one of the detected intersections and an intersection adjacent to the detected intersection, and the sum of values of the first region is greater than the first threshold. The touch sensing method comprises the following steps: The contact portion 33 may be of a cone shape, wherein the above recess is provided at the top of the cone.

The first and the second touch screens have a detecting mode for detecting an approach or touch of an external conductive object. Method, storage medium, and electronic apparatus for calibrating touch screen.

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For example, a driving signal is sequentially provided to each first conductive strip, and corresponding to each first conductive empai provided with the driving signal, signals from all of the second conductive strips are detected, which represent capacitive coupling signals at the intersections between the first conductive strip provided with the driving signal and all the second conductive strips. In addition, the conductive pen head 32 further includes a contact portion 33wherein the degree of curing of the contact portion 33 is different from that of other non-contact portion of the conductive pen head Sensing information of all the first conductive strips are combined together to form 2D sensing information.


In another example of the present invention, step is performed after both steps and are completed. The detected intersection and the adjacent intersection correspond to different driven conductive strips. When the driving signal is simultaneously provided to all conductive strips arranged in the first direction, the driven signal is also simultaneously provided to a plurality of guarding conductive strips.


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Moreover, for better understanding and clarity of the description, some components in the drawings may not necessary be drawn to scale, in which some may be exaggerated relative to others, and empka parts are omitted.

Egalzx method for detecting an approach or a touch of a small area proposed by the present invention includes: The signal sensing circuit comprises a first current-to-voltage circuit, a second current-to-voltage circuit and an impedance shifting circuit.

However, one with ordinary skill in the art can appreciate that the above is merely an example of the present invention, and the present invention is not limited to this.

egala In addition, eegalax tip of the contact portion may further include a recessed portion providing a space recessed into the contact portion 33which gives a larger area than a non-recessed tip. These conductive strips the first and second conductive strips can be made of transparent or opaque materials, such as transparent Indium Tin Oxide ITO. The capacitive pen includes a conductive pen body and a conductive pen head in contact with the conductive pen body, and the egalaz pen head includes a contact portion and a non-contact portion, wherein the contact portion is softer than the non-contact portion, and the conductive pen head is made of bonded conductive fibers, some or all of which extend from the non-contact portion to the contact portion.

The controlling unit transmits data to the host via the transmission interface.

The capacitive pen can be made of bonded conductive fibers. Each of these conductive strips can be made up by a plurality of conductive pads and connecting lines 19 connected to the conductive pads in series.

In another example of the present invention, the contact portion 33 touches two adjacent intersections at most. A method and device for dual-differential sensing is disclosed.


When a touch sensor is approached or touched by a capacitive pen in a small area, the corresponding approach or touch signal might be slightly less than the threshold originally used for normal detection.

The sensor includes a plurality of strips. In addition, the touch sensor includes a plurality of driven conductive strips provided with a driving signal and a plurality of sensed conductive strips providing changes in capacitive coupling.

The present invention provides a method and device for writing on a capacitive touch screen, which includes a guarding pattern and a conductive strip pattern exposed from each other, and a stylus. The second region encompasses four intersections including the detected intersection and three other intersections. In the process of mutual capacitive detection, one of the first conductive layer and the second conductive layer is driven, while the other of the first conductive layer and the second conductive layer is detected.

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According to stepthe present efalax includes a means for detecting each second region, wherein each second region includes four adjacent intersections including one of the detected intersections, egwlax the sum of values of the second region is greater than the first threshold. In addition, the diameter of the contact area of the pen head of the capacitive pen P with the touch screen is less than about 3 mm.

Some embodiments of the present invention are described in details below. A method for parallel-scanning differential touch detection is disclosed herein. For example, when a first conductive strip is provided with a driving signal, sensing information corresponding to this first conductive strip is formed from the egapax in capacitive coupling detected from a plurality of consecutive second conductive strips.

The second current-to-voltage circuit converts a second input current into a second voltage that is directly proportional to a second impedance. UV cured conductive adhesives ; and they will not be described in details herein.

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