The battery life is also great. Do you know that many of our men at war use this very model in combat? Corrected a problem with waypoint position averaging when upgrading to new firmware. This is my 5th Garmin GPS unit, and this one covers the almost all the functions of the units I’ve owned previously. Waypoint comments notes can contain up to 30 characters. Fixed problem where compass pointer could transition to the next turn too quickly.

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Gadgets by Rick Broida Nov 2, Corrected track log filtering. Waze widgets finetune social navigation app The crowdsourced driving directions app now lets you add widgets so you can track your ETA more easily and quickly. Disruptions to the update process may render your GPS inoperable. This software should only be uploaded to the unit for which it is intended.

That website shows there is no coverage of Kauai and the Big Island on those maps, although the viewer they provided did let me zoom in all the way vpsmap the highest resolution on Kauai. Purchase quality power and data cables at: Upload waypoints, routes, and tracks to your GPS and print a matching map out to take with you into the field.


Mobile by Rick Broida Jan 4, Purchase a 12v auto charger so that you can always keep you unit charged before heading out cross-country. Added the ability to customize the active track log color on the Track Setup page.

Updates & Downloads

You acknowledge that this Software is the property of Garmin and is protected under United States of Gamrin copyright laws and international copyright treaties. You can skip to the end and leave a response. This feature is only turned on or off manually.

All USB-based eTrex no serial-ports. This is nearly too good to pass up. Fixed a potential problem where the wrong number of bytes could be sent for USB get requests.

Changes made from version 3. You can change this location if you like. Fixed lockup that could happen when selecting a Tracback point. I bought this GPS unit specifically for geocaching. Corrected contour line colors to increase visibility. The crowdsourced driving directions app now lets you add widgets so you can track your ETA more easily and quickly.

ExpertGPS lets you quickly view, change, or batch-edit your photo metadata. The internal antenna is ok but will become intermittent in high buildings, cloudy skies glsmap stormy weather.

Discover Hidden Garmin GPSMAP 60CS Tricks You’re Missing. 28 Tips From the GPS Experts!

ExpertGPS can create geo-referenced waypoints for your report from each photo you took along the way, and attach your photos to each waypoint it creates. The controls work well, I find it easy and staightforward to use, no annoying quirk that erases my data or anything. Being somewhat of a purist who could always find his way with maps and careful observation 600cs the terrain, I was at first reluctant to own and use a GPS.


Gqrmin problem with displaying ‘Waypoint At Destination’ while doing a tracback. Don’t ever be lost again, take your Garmin 60CS with you How long would it take you to enter all of those waypoints by hand into your GPS?

Garmin GPSMAP 60CS Handheld | eBay

Corrected problems with the automatic closing feature of the Turn Preview Page when using German or Italian languages. Enabled the compass pointer to be shown while navigating a Follow Road route. Improved support for Macintosh USB. I made the photo a bit larger than usual so that the unit is exactly life-size on my screen.

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