The real star of the show, however, was replica of SSX. Dallas Police escort Jack Ruby to jail soon after questioning him in the shooting of alleged President Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald at Dallas Police headquarters earlier that day. Kennedy School of Government Harvard Univ. Here are two photos of the Dallas trip. The brothers were charged with throwing a missile and released after 14 days, not before one of them had to sit some university exams in prison. George Burkley, [87] the President’s personal physician, stated that a gunshot wound to the skull was the cause of death.

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What were the Secret Service men in the limo doing during the assassination? Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

The limousine is now on display at the Assaeination Ford Museum in Michigan. He’s been fascinated by the event since looking through the old newspapers his parents had kept from that momentous day in November, She saw the white flowers on the seat.

Vice President Lyndon B. Basic elements of the revamp included: Kennedy was assassinated in this car on November 22, The assassination evoked stunned reactions worldwide. He held the first live televised Presidential press conference on January 25,and continued this regularly throughout his Presidency. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


What was “Project Assasinatiin

JFK Assassination Presidential Limousine SSX

Death of the President”. President, you can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you.

Polls conducted from to found that up to 80 percent of Americans suspected that there was a plot or cover-up. Instead of furnishing all information relevant to the investigation, the FBI and CIA only responded to specific requests and were still occasionally inadequate. However, during all the time the SS had had possession of SSX — about twelve hours — they took no photographs of it, made no notes about its condition, and drew no diagrams.

Would a bubble-top have saved Kennedy? More answers from the strange story of JFK’s Lincoln limo

Kennedy waved from on a sunny day in Dallas, Nov. Retrieved 12 February Compare it with the configuration of the frame in the motorcade photo at the top of this page. Ike Altgens was the lone professional photographer in Dealey Plaza who was not in the press cars; he was a photo editor for the Associated Press in Dallas. Warren Commission Hearingsvol. There were two radio telephones, akin to walkie-talkies assasinaton CB radios rigged to telephone handsets.

Assassination of John F. Kennedy – Wikipedia

Representative for MA — Johnson places a wreath before the flag-draped casket of President Kennedy during funeral services in the Capitol rotunda in Washington, D.


The President had planned to return to Love Field to depart for a fundraising dinner in Austin later that day. The midnight blue, un-armored convertible was rebuilt with a permanent roof, titanium armor plating, and more somber black paint. The Saturday Evening Post. Ira Jefferson “Jack” Beers Jr. Look at the vertical jck in the center of the metal frame area.

A mortally wounded Lee Harvey Oswald lies on a stretcher on its way toward an ambulance just after he was shot in the basement of Dallas Police headquarters by Jack Ruby. John Connally James Assasinatiion.

Curious Melbourne

After the Sasasination Police arrested Oswald and collected physical evidence at the crime scenes, they held Oswald at their headquarters for interrogation.

President Kennedy and the first lady arrive at the Love Field airport in Dallas early on the morning of the assassination. Is she to be believed or not? These items became Q and K K means ‘known’ origin.

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