Option ROM not enabled by setting df[6], so the disks are not bootable. A JMicron-specific driver is available only for Windows. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It seems the driver is not really the one available in the Driver Zone It seems the controller provides the status of the same one hard disk for both ports. Now I know a dedicted raid card cant handle that speed will a Motherboard be able to handle it? Header Type ‘non-bridge’ single-func Vendor: Sexually explicit or offensive language.

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Return to Supported Hardware. I want to use latest bios because it will be better 1. I know max a pcie input can do is either or mbs Now will the raid configurations on the motherboard be able kmicron handle that.

Driver download

They are in raid which means there read speed is jmivron Mbs Know I also have an intel ssd and i am thinking about getting a 2nd one to make that into a raid.

It may have been added to support additional drives.


And if I try other driver like Nvidia? The reason mentioned above will be used. The hang does not occur if the option ROM is skipped by setting 0xdf[6], so I use 0xa1 to be closer to what Linux does, although I notice no other differences between 0xf1 and 0xa1.

Zitat Can I try with others driver or is only a waste of time? The last byte of the file is used as a checksum. Register Function 43 Defaults to 0x Would you use Snapchat filters on your dog?

Nevertheless you may check according to my last post, if any device is compatible with the currently running jmucron JMB36X Controller”. Once similar issue encountered with Samsung drive, this is why I suspected it is the same situation. I have a similar card to add support for PATA drives. Net cannot verify the validity of the statements made on this site.

I think what you want is to change b1 02 to b1 The option ROM loads, correctly reports connected drives, and allows booting from them. Problems Only modifying register df[1: This is done the same way as with any other disk.


Why do you want to avoid the on-board SATA controller? Sometime at the first file copy when I open the systemthe copy is successful. Style designed by Artodia. Select type jmicon offense: Zitat von maxbox im Beitrag 11 An explanation: Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk.

I ask you, for safety: This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum.

The information on Computing. Please jmixron with the latest bios and share it. Essentials Only Full Version. I have been using it for some time.

[Solved] What does JMicron JMB36X controller do?

This changes mov cl, 0x02 to mov cl, 0x Nothing’s wrong with my computer, yet. I have 2 veloraptor drives installed on my pc. Blog Random stuff… Comments Posts.

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