Plan to wear this camera out! Shooting Raw gives you the advantage here because white-balance settings can be adjusted in editing. The Kodak EasyShare Z offers a variety of auto-focusing modes. Once powered up, the camera is reasonably responsive. The other thing some complained about was the AA batteries.

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Buffer write time The Kodak Easyshare Z has a painfully slow processing speed. Write a review cwtyxabvdaez. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

Kodak EasyShare Z980 Review

The horizontal and vertical shutter buttons are a nice touch. You must be a member to leave a comment.

Image Quality In general, the Z produced nice quality images with accurate and pleasing color at the default settings. The main downside is that because of the ultra long lens and relatively low light volume entering the lens, it’s rare that you will stay below ISO With a subject surrounded by sky, the exposures are balanced with good colour in the sky and plenty of detail in the subject.

This would ease the problem of changing the batteries at least while moving the memory card bay to the side of the camera would solve the problem of not getting to the card.

Kodak Z IS specs. It takes about 1 second to store a JPEG image, allowing you to keep shooting as they are being recorded onto the memory card – there is a very brief LCD blackout between each image. The shutter release is in a natural location for your index finger, with the rear zoom buttons falling under your right thumb. Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. However, it can be turned off if you require by scrolling through the options on the info button.


Kodak auto white balance tungsten.

Kodak EasyShare Z Review | Photography Blog

The eashshare item that has been used or worn previously. Me neither, but the Schneider name may be familiar to those with an interest in high-end and vintage optics, especially. It takes about 4 seconds to zoom from the widest to the longest focal length.

The easysare is a simple piece of empty plastic and it could have been designed like a battery grip to accept the AA batteries that the Z takes. Features Handling Performance Verdict Specification The latest superzoom from Kodak has gone for something a little bit different.

I even had to retake the portrait shots because they looked so bad with noise. I suppose it’s to stop accidental triggering while carrying the camera. The 24x optical zoom lens ensures perfect pictures at any vantage point. Here are a few of my dislikes about the Exposure was generally pretty good with the default multi pattern metering, but there are center-weighted and spot options on z98 should you feel the need.

Kodak EasyShare Z980

From cityscapes to wildlife photography, this amazing zoom lens ensures that you’ll never have to compromise your creative perspective. It also comes with a charger which is quite compact but is the two pin sort so you also have to use the UK adapter plug in this country.


With image stabilisation, you can use about two times longer exposure times to take blur-free hand held shots than without it. At full 26mm wide-angle, there’s plenty in the shot. Colour reproduction Kodak Easyshare Z colour test. MPEG-4 compression saves valuable space on your memory card while still putting broadcast quality video in the palm of your hand.

Continuous shooting isn’t available in Raw, probably due to the slow processing speed. Many reviews mention the ‘cheap appearance’ or ‘poor construction’ and compared to my other Kodak cameras, I can see where they’re coming from. Make sure you get some pretty hefty rechargable batteries mAh or higher because it eats thru them quick but they are easy to find.

Image stabilisation can only be activated via the Setup menu, and is turned on by default. Pattern metering separates the frame into segments – or a pattern – and takes an exposure reading from each area.

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