Sold AS IS for parts. To listen to your recording privately, plug your earphones into the earphone jack at the end of the pen. The small, black square at the top of the pen is the power switch. Livescribe Pulse SmartPen 2gb. Livescribe 3 Smartpen Black Edition. The slim ink cartridge is located near the digital camera.

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Livescribe developed a Penlet SDK to allow application development for livesxribe smartpen. See how this smartpen works. Sold AS IS for parts. Views Read Edit View history. No damage done to actual product. The product was initially available only for use with Microsoft Windows-based computers, but version 1. Works with all Livescribe smartpens.


Write now, sync later. The City of Atlanta concluded an investigation of this matter the following year and failed to find sufficient evidence that the airport manager intentionally sought to record the airline’s private conversations.

The recorded information moves through the pen’s circuitry along a printed circuit board PCB and a ribbon cable. Livescribe has provided a user forum at the request of Linux users. The Anoto pattern consists of numerous small black dots in patterns that are essentially invisible to the human eye, but can be detected by the pen’s infrared camera. Livescribe sells notebooks in several styles, and users can also print their own dot paper with a laser printer capable of at least dpi.


The pen can store the data in its memory, or it can connect to a USB dock to send the information to a computer. Headphones for the Echo must be purchased separately.

Retrieved 1 July The user can choose to record audio in addition to the handwritten text. This smartpen uses an organic light-emitting diode OLED screen to communicate with you. Oakland, CaliforniaU. Archived from the original on March 5, Retrieved June 18, Recorded audio is kept indexed with the handwritten text—tapping on a written word starts playback of the recorded audio from that part of the recording.

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Live Scribe 4gb smart pen and 50 page starter notebook and bound notebook. In JulyPullse announced the closure of its third-party developer program. For US customers whose smartpens are out-of-warranty, the company offers replacement options that allow customers to purchase a fully warrantied replacement pen for a discounted price.

While compatibility with OneNote was initially available, LiveScribe has not provided connectivity support for OneNote From March through JulyLivescribe soldTo learn more, see How Ballpoint Pens Work. Retrieved December 25, Apple’s release of Snow Pukse caused functionality and compatibility issues with Livescribe’s driver installation.


The Livescribe Pulse pen takes it a little bit further and makes a digital recording as well. Livescribe has made four versions of its smartpen: Retrieved from ” https: The smartpen allows the installation of as many applications as there is memory, and ships with several applications.

When used with Anoto digital paperit records what it writes for later uploading to a computer, and synchronizes those pulsse with any audio it has recorded.

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