Markets Business Creative Pro Education. Tue Dec 04, 6: Ask a question Reset. Are the new iMac and the old machines running the same operating system? I did no clone to install operating system to mi macs.

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The Core-based Intel Xeon is so power efficient, that Apple engineers were able to remove the liquid cooling system from the previous Power-PC based model. I tried playing around with Logic Preferences but nothing there worked either. I also just tested the keyboard on a friend’s laptop so works fine.

What used MacBook version is required for large Logic projects? – Logic Pro Help

Wed Dec 05, Can you midotech confirm your OS and Logic versions are as described in your sig? You think this may be a power issue?

Tue Dec 04, 6: Run programs from your PowerPC-based Mac in translation. Oct 12, Use one of more than 7, universal applications that take full advantage of the Intel chip.


Logic Pro Help

I’m not that good with more-than-ordinary issues with computers, But I’ll get someone to look into it. I tried to add my MIDI keyboard as a physical input but couldn’t figure out how.

Now the only question is: I realize that this question has been asked numerous times, and I checked every thread regarding this problem but nothing has helped so far. Mon Dec 03, 6: To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

M-Audio Oxygen 49 MK3 and intel core i3 b… – Apple Community

The only operating system that will install on a Mac is either a newer retail, or the discs that came with the Mac in question. Cache cleaners are overrecommended, but can cause more problems than they solve.

Something you are not doing correctly I did no clone to install operating system to mi macs. I can find the ones for input output etc. I’ve already checked system permissions without any issues I tried to add intek new device but I couldn’t find my keyboard brand and model in the list and I didn’t see any option to add my own.


Thanks again, hopefully once I fix it, I’ll post here what was wrong. Migration assistant between PowerPC and Intel. Not connected properly or switched on: Last week it worked fine and I had the same thing.

What can sometimes cause drivers to get inconsistant include, but are not limited to: Thu May 12, 2: Thu Dec 06, 1: Finally one last observation. Thu Dec 06, If so, time to contact the Keyboard’s makers and ask for their help because it does sound like some kind of driver issue The USB port is also fine.

What software did you install for example

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