Pause – Suspend current action e. Brightness – Adjusts the amount of white in the image. During installation, MSI PVS will automatically detect crucial system hardware components, and set a recommended recording quality level based on your configuration. Choose Bit Rate from the dropdown menu. Set the time for the task to occur. Once a file is playing, the display area of the control panel provides information on the program currently playing.

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Click the icon on the control panel to active the TV mmsi setting window. Mono – If you select mono, the two channels will be mixed into one.

Please consult your TV system provider. Click Apply and OK to confirm the modifications you made.

User`s guide | MSI 8606-020

Stereo – For stereo, all audio channels are mixed down to 2 channels. All installation procedures will be 8066 below. Audio Mode Choose the audio quality, stereo or mono, by clicking on the appropriate radio box. Choose Bit Rate from the dropdown menu. Brightness – Adjusts the amount of white in the image. Commercial Skip Select the amount of time to jump mxi when using the commercial skip feature.

This function is available only when the TV system privider supports teletext service. The MSI Radio that comes with a modern designed panel is a handy utility for receiving broadcasts.


MS | Msi MS [email protected] Master Tv Tuner

Video Input Standard Select the proper video standard for your area from the dropdown menu. The pictures used in 4. Click Usethe Time Monitoring bar will appear.

You have just set the MSI Radio to the best condition. Once a file is playing, the display area of the control panel provides information on the program currently playing.

If you want to create a mis record quality, you can click Create, and then another property window will become available, allowing the following customizations.

Turn on the computer. You can only click the icon on taskbar to active it as partial windows mode. Click Audio tab for next setting. Macrovision Corporation Product Notice This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by method claims of certain U.

Your TV tuner card package should contain the following items: Mode – Select the audio quality mode.

When a new task is scheduled, it is added to the Schedule task list. The station information that you input will shows when the mouse over memory buttons.

Click to replay a preset amount of time. The range for each area is listed below: These settings would only be changed to meet the msl of a specific media format.


MSI MEGA TV Tuner Card MS – TV tuner / video capture adapter – PCI Overview – CNET

mai Place the power cord in a way that people are unlikely to step on it. The record function can instantly record your favorite broadcast content; otherwise, the language learning function can repeatly play a specified section of the recorded broadcast content as you like.

Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorized by Macrovision Corporation, and is intended for home and other limited viewing uses only unless otherwise authorized by Macrovision Corporation. Video Desktop Selecting the checkbox next to Video Desktop, the display window will become the desktop when your watch TV program with full screen mode.

Turn on OSD When you select the checkbox next to Turn on OSD On-screen Displaychannel information such as channel numbers, channel names, and audio quality will be displayed as you switch channels.

Select components to be installed and click Next to continue.

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