Airmantharp Emperor Gerbilius I. My big question now is: Is there a way to get a summary output file of this test, or should I be writing some of this information down? Pretty much all newer SSD drives support TRIM, but check the manufactuer spec page first, or boot into a linux livecd knoppix, system rescue cd, etc Or is it just a short term performance issue that will go away one I re-install Windows? The fix you found re-enables the AHCI drivers so the machine boots normally – and that’s all.

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AHCI settings question for MSI FXA-GD70’s bios help needed | Windows 7 Forums

It looks like test 8 was the one that identified the errors. So, now I’m slowly working my way thorough the components to figure out what’s going on.

If memtest is giving any errors, one issue is likely the RAM itself. I assume this stuff should still have a warranty from Sept I’ve changed that setting back, and now mi booted fine. No idea if the performance has changed – seems zippy, just like before the hack.

So, is there any reason why I shouldn’t just use the hack? The issue you’re facing is normal, expected behavior. Disco Gerbil Team Leader. To tell you the truth, I’m having some difficulties with my machine that I thought the new drive and reinstall of Windows would fixso I can’t really say too much more about the improved performance.


So, I probably won’t be re-installing windows until I figure out the motherboard situation and whether I need a replacement. I’ve switched the video card, with no luck. Ahcj edited by Disco on Tue Jun 12, 3: I’ve have recently installed a SSD drive to my computer – what a speedup!

You could try moving your boot drive to that port, enable AHCI on the regular ports and then move the drive back after the drivers are installed. But it this something that is completely taken care of by Windows 7?

The easiest thing to do is test ahcii DIMM separately, that way if only one is bad, the computer won’t be completely out of commission while you get the other one replaced.

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Board index Hardware Storage. Try the RAID setting? Smi having issues with my computer i thought reinstalling windows from scratch on the SSD would solve them – but NO Edit – 890fxz-gd70 trying to get the kids on their way to school and my wife to work and the car to the repair shop I’ve run the memtest overnight.

I have not played any games or benchmarked anything since the mi. My big question now is: TRIM clarification – motherboard support. As you may have picked up from this and other ongoing threads I am having trouble with a flaky system that intermittently crashes at least 1x per day.


It’s still going using the laptop right now. Put it in the system, update the firmware via livecd or add it as a 2nd drive, boot into windows, and do it from there 2.

FXA-GD70 BIOS setting AHCI

Does that indicate that it is the ‘second” stick whichever that one is? Taken off of my email receipt, the memory I have is: Just with the printscreen button?

How serious is 17 errors for 7 passes? I’ve read a little bit about it and recognize what it is. If it isn’t, windows may refuse to boot, and though there is a registry hack to enable it to work forgot the link, just google itthe “clean way” to do it is to start with AHCI enabled, and install windows from there. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Also, what motherboard are you using?

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