Also, I am now using 9. I would really like to know if you have Direct rendering Thank you very much. After roundabout 20 reboots the computer started once again without ‘nomodeset’ while I got myself a coffee. Which Jaunty version and kernel versions are you running? Did you ever run wine? The thing with Intel is that they’ve actually done work and are still doing work that benefits the whole xorg stack.

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Test the driver using Blender 3D. We’ll se when rc2 gets out, maybe it’ll work xorrg Disabling CPU scaling to force full CPU freq gives better glxgears results, and running with the VESA driver gives about the same performance which tells me hardware acceleration does not seem to be used at all: I still dont understand why this card accelerates, when i use cpupower. Maybe I should try with Fedora 10, where I get the good glxgears result. As i have installed Lucid, i will soon probably today do a test, just to see if i can actually do anything.

Intel GMA 4500MHD, Ubuntu 11.04

Thanks again Paste my two lines replacing the red line – which are the one breaking your X Org Video Driver, version 4. I won’t guarantee it 450, but it should.


I also tried neverwinter nights on this computer, and it ran smooth, until mhf of prelude where it would crash due to some shader Error. Some basic support for DRI2 was enabled in 2. Email me about changes to this bug report.

Ubuntu actually made me appreciate Windows XP a lot!

[SOLVED] Stuck w/ vesa on GMA MHD

Its easy installing, the game installer can be downloaded here. I finally have tear free XV fullscreen video on my G What do you wish to do? I uninstalled CentOS and installed Ubuntu 9. However, if I chose a resolution above x, the display gets messed up and I cannot fix it unless I connect the PC to my old monitor, then I can see some part of the display and I have to lower it back to x Can’t find it in this thread.

This is what happens when i have wobbly windows and drag the glxgears window see attached screenshot still if anyone would like to help me with the Guild wars GLXBadDrawable problem it would be greatly appreciatet.

And you Won’t need an account before you get to the login screen. I downloaded the last file and restarted but i dint see the new kernel. And this is the moment, when coincedence and luck came together.

Question # : Questions : xserver-xorg-video-intel package : Ubuntu

Can you please give me a short guide or something When it comes to the immediate future, I’m currently running mesa 7. When I delete the xorg. Intel “works” on his driver, but they didnt get it managed that their neweset Graphic Board, which is mainly oversized, can play Ut from year !


Actually, I don’t recommend updating OpenGL package. And I’d like to know if anyone have been able to run a Direct3D game in wine? It didn’t really seem to work though, but I kept it anyway – lucky me! All of those at the same time???

The Fps randomly changed between to now fps in these three month. Whether Compiz is active or not, I get tearing in my videos regardless of the player used vlc, mplayer, totem I myd some OpenGL package, right now I have fps.

Hi All, I have recently installed Ubuntu 9. And it says that even though the framerate seems slow it’s better than ever. I tried Mandriva

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