Are you looking for the solution to your computer problem? View Redamare’s IP Address. I’m sure the PB guys are aware of how useful AHK scripts can be, but at the same time knowing they could be used and probably have been, thus the kicks for cheating purposes or whatever. Its not Afterburner , as i don’t have it installed, EA need to get on this as i have just dropped extra cash for premium.. View Edward’s IP Address. Windows Sidebar, Rainmeter, Samurize Good luck!

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Punkbuster kick: Disallowed Program/Driver [89262]

Start pbsvc installer, you should see options for install, uninstall, test. It probably wasn’t an easy decision to make, though. I just tried again today You can get that application from the following website: Sometime’s it doesn’t update properly when asked to in-game.

Do you already have an account? Multihacks, Aimbots, Wallhacks etc.

Do not do this in a dirty environment and make certain you have discharged any static electricity you have by touching something grounded. I got down to three programs; EPU graphics overclocker, came with my mobo.


Once the pbsvc Uninstaller completes, navigate to your Battlefield 2 installation directory default is C: Solved Video game over scaling problem zoom YacBrahNov 21,in forum: Ide try to reset the program defaults.

It takes less then 5 minutes after playing before you get kicked and it has been consented in this fashion. It punkbbuster stelling me I’m missing “pbag”. Even playing with firewall and all antivirus off doesn’t help. Page 1 of Boot from this media and it will auto start the memtest86 application.

Make a backup of the following file by renaming the file adding.

battlefield 2 problem

Since a few days, when I get connected to some of the maps, I get kicked by punkbuster with this message: I guess for me, it disalloweed AHK. Do at least two passes on each memory stick making certain you do the power discharge I put in caps above each time.

Cant exitthe game lol. Double check the integrity of the install file by using this method: To do this fix do the following: I have uninstaed lcore logitech gaming softwareso I will see tonight if it is the issue This site uses cookies. The time now is Let me know if it works. If you do find a bad slot, then you may need to buy new memory punkbsuter order to get the same amount of punkbuxter that you had before.


Is Punkbuster kicking you? Read this guide. :: Battlefield 2 General Discussions

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This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. You can find this folder usually by going to C: The only change I made prior to this error popping up was about 20 windows updates.

Well, I have found what’s doing it. Sarcasm, bro ; I haven’t heard a thing from PB even after submitting a ticketlet alone any kind of announcement from Dice they’re probably all dancing around nude in bath tub filled with our money, their fingers in their ears yelling “Lalalalala”:

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