The tagged information still needs to be converted into physical memory addresses, which requires some work on the memory controller level. On the fourth day, ASUS came out with a little modification and chaos has reigned since. It’s basic marketing that adding flash to a product will attract potential customers, and to that effect the PXPE Pro II does this in couple ways. I am personally still not too thrilled with the sound quality and moreover, SoundMax4 and the “intelligent” features only work with a minimum of four speakers, otherwise they won’t even install correctly. The position of the auxiliary dual 12V input is directly adjacent to the VRM and once again, there will be some who complain about airflow restrictions but frankly, we don’t see that problem.

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Subscribe to our Newsletter. The Main screen features the usual options like system time and ijtel and IDE configuration. We have learned from our friends at Tomshardware that a production board, they picked up in Munich’s Red Springdaoe district was missing the red LED, which they discovered after getting back to their lab. The top yield of the chipset can do without these pipeline stages and the separation between i and i is a somewhat arbitrarily drawn line between pass and fail under extreme conditions.

The results are stunning to say the least, the P4P literally destroys the IC7 in this discipline despite the fact that, nominally, the Canterwood chipset is supposed to be faster. Athough, jumper-free for all standard configuration issues, the P4P has a number of jumpers mostly serving the purpose of power-up options. Keep in mind that the default value is assigned to the registers by the strap assigned to the BSEL pins. Interested in this stuff?

Release of the Canterwood showed us that Intel was serious about DDR in supporting a memory standard that the JEDEC still haven’t made any headway on approving – and from Intel that is certainly saying something. The results are basically identical to those shown with SiSoft Sandra with a slight offset.


Keep in mind though that only a small fraction of die is tested, and that the qualification means passing speed tests way in excess of the nominal frequency. Springdalw technology is designed to accelerate memory access by the CPU, bypassing certain memory wait states, but running this requires great frequency memory modules. While only supporting DDR memory, it still was able to take out the I series easily.

Third, if spribgdale grade memory is to be run at higher speed, it will be necessary to add extra pipeline buffers; the same holds for chipset bins. At the same time, the SoundMAX technology enabling these features will only install when four or more speakers are already plugged in.

Intel springdale ipe Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Qfan technology, on the other hand is a nice feature as long as the heatsink used is not at the upper end of the performance and quality scale, in that case, the thermal capacitance will slow down the response time and lead to some rather erratic behavior.

Memory Acceleration mode enabled or disabled did not change anything as far as we can tell, at least not at MHz PSB. We are using the same IC7 reference data as above. What is missing altogether are the power adapters for SATA drives included e. On the upside, everything, including the microphone was working as it should. Most other alterations concern some simplifications of the design, that is, mostly reduction of decoupling capacitors that were found unnecessary.

Again, at x MHz for 3. On the other hand, if it turns out that there are no problems, let Intel bitch as much as they want but most likely, they won’t even do that, what better advertising could they get.

The situation was different, though at MHz, where the board took the expected performance hit see first page of this review if left apringdale auto or standard. Without proper binning, this could easily turn into Russian Roulette.

Downloads for IntelĀ® Desktop Board D865GVHZ

One thing interesting about the Ai Overclocking was the fact that its use was the only way of forcing memory settings other than 2: At MHz FSB, nothing we did with this setting appeared to change anything with respect to performance. The feature set is interesting for the OEM market but if ASUS wants to address the overclocking and enthusiast community, they really need to step back and rethink their strategy which only lacks a Barbie Doll included with the accessories. After enabling AI overclock and then reverting to the manual mode, some of the latency settings suddenly became workable, at least to the point where they would change something, even though the resulting settings were in no case what we manually entered.


To warrant operability at high frequencies, extra pipeline stages are added that are activated at the MHz PSB frequency.

The DRAM frequencies can be set according to the processor used. This also free’s up the PCI bus for the other system devices.

About 5 years ago, Abit did the same with a switch pulling the B21 pin to ground and everybody overclocked their Celerons happily ever after. As mentioned earlier, Speech is the first thing that I disable, I simply can’t stand computers talking back at me and the Instant Music did not work for whatever reason.

The Jumper-Free Configuration contains all voltage and frequency settings that are found e. Within the group, the “G revision has a unique position in that it integrates the Intel sprringdale Graphics2 engine in i8655pe core; the P and PE versions are the same die as what is sold as Canterwood, using a different package.

The current line of high-end Intel chipset comprises two different lines of chip, that is the iP and the i family.

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