He wanted him to suffer. It was almost like the reset button had been hit and no one was interested in fucking TNA anymore. He rolled outside to meet Lionheart and had a weird moment with someone in the crowd. It deserved the main event and absolutely lived up to that spot. True hard men who can fuckin fight. She made short work of pretty much everyone.

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Maybe my favourite ever Jack Jester match. It was NECW in the early 00s, but man, I am getting as old as some of you people sgar when you started to lose it. It just kept swelling up to fuck.

Storm in particular going to town with what I have to admit was a heavy stylish crutch. The iron bad yin.

Wrestler Spotlight: Jody Fleisch

Watched a lot of his matches about a year ago to see what all the fuss was about and the fuss was justified. You cannot book Jeff Jarrett on a show and not get him to sing a wee song ffs. They were that convincing that night, but it was never going to be the end.

He was there to make an impression, and what a mighty fine one he did. No matter what you think of Bram as a human man a fact that has become hugely apparent in ICW of late is that hes a very good professional wrestler.


It was impossible not to get lost in it. Coast to coast styleeeee….


In there with the OG of British Wrestling. It was none of auld NAK squad, not even new pal Kieran Kelly yet but instead it was a pair piledrive r scissors. This is serious business. One of the best villains in the world if ye ask me wait, whit ye mean ye didnae ask?

The best in the business at being a bastard. Another chapter in this rivalry. Him and Jackie came face to face in what was briefly a tense moment before they joined forces to eliminate big Iestyn.

Jody Fleisch made his return after a year’s absence to sign the Jonny Storm Reinstatement petition, to aid his friend’s return to the FWA promotion. Egging his apprentice on. Sign In Sign Up. The move that has no doubt been a central piece in his nightmares for the better part of 4 years.

Big Moose is actually very slightly taller than the tree wae a beard. He cleared out the whole wedding party. Proper earth shattering, smile inducing, heavy gid shit. A diving cutter off the top gave BT a two and once again he looked well in control of his young tormentor.


She hoisted that Pinky up in the air in defiance when Grado thought the win was in the bag and he had to go to Plan B. UK and also appeared at the Universal Uproar supershow. This was all slick tags and double team goodness early on before The Kings isolated Jim Hunter with a combination of slick teamwork, tomfoolery and sentons. Why the fuck no eh. Grange got to tag back in after that, cutting short the game of pontoon he was playing with Simon Cassidy at ringside while Joe unleashed aw sort of jabs on Jester.

Very entertaining match right enough. This was a huge opportunity to impress but he was in there with a guy who carries himself with so much more swagger these days.

They made their way to the merch table and Joe balanced another table against the merch table and after a wee battle for supremacy, he eventually launched Renfrew through said table. Nailing storm with a Pele kick.

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