We used a 3D printer to print many different models to adjust the fit and feel of the devices. The more notable updates are: Here is a brief example of using KeyMouse for 3D Model rotation. Each device has mouse functionality built-in which you can switch off at the bottom if you only want one hand to control mouse movement for example. As we continue to make improvements, we are excited to announce the release of KeyMouse Alpha

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We’re still refining the shape and positioning over the next few days. We have already overcome many challenges in making the prototypes. No more moving your hand back and forth between the keyboard and mouse.

I love how the thumb gets much more than just the Space — though those keys look too small for a thumb. Uhtred said on January 10, at Here are a few pictures that show some of the progress along the way.

KeyMouse, a keyboard-mouse hybrid for both hands seeks funding on Kickstarter

Mouae is pleased to announce our latest version of KeyMouse Alpha. In this example I have reprogrammed the “mouse freeze” button to toggle the key layout to the left hand while held down. Maybe I finally have a replacement in the Keymouse. About gHacks Ghacks is a technology news blog that was founded in by Martin Brinkmann.


KeyMouse, a keyboard-mouse hybrid for both hands seeks funding on Kickstarter – gHacks Tech News

Martin Brinkmann Mike Turcotte. We had a great response from users at CES with lots of We made several clay models to get the basic shape that fit the hand nicely.

While you hold this key down, mouse motions will move the typing cursor instead of the mouse cursor. These pictures are of other backlit keyboards for demonstration purposes only. Some of the team worked with Steve Jobs on some of the early Apple computers. The main idea behind KeyMouse is to eliminate the need to move a hand away from the keyboard to control the mouse.

MousePad with KeyMouse graphics. Many of you have requested a trackball version of our KeyMouse product. KeyMouse, at least the initial version the makers seek funding for on Kickstarter, features a full qwerty keyboard with all functions keys included. Check out the FAQ.

We’re using the left KeyMouse to rotate the model, and the right KeyMouse is free to move the Activity may be recorded even if you disable it Most Internet users still prefer weak passwords over secure ones CCleaner 5.


Great idea, but a bit too expensive for me at the moment. You can map functions or commands to buttons which get executed when you activate them.

Mose about this project? This is basically a temporary Num Moise. Due to your helpful feedback, we’re making KeyMouse even better! Other speeds can easily be configured such as slow motion, also. Andy said on January 11, at 6: Works with both USB and Bluetooth. Support Select this reward. It is completely wireless and batteries will last about six months with average use according to the makers.

These keys are pre-programmed with any useful functions, but can be re-programmed if you’d like. The software is fully customizable and can be set up with many different profiles to easily switch between saved key layouts.

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