I don’t know how much that helps, but that’s what I got. Having the mid control on the MXR was another factor in my decision. I can’t get all too techinical but it’s a soli unit and does what it sais on the tin. IIRC is called blend or something. Do you already have an account? Join the HC Newsletter.

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Sansamp controls basically amount to “more” or “less” of the “Sansamp sound”. The M80 is kind of biased toward a scooped type of sound as far as I can tell, so you almost inevitably will want to boost the mids a bit on the pedal, and cut the highs and lows, just to get a normal sound. It’s got a high-pass compressor compress lows and leave highs alonethe EQ is decent, the chorus is really thick and milky, and the envelope filter isn’t bad.

MXR M-80 vs Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI.

Dingwall ABZ 5 Pedals: You have a mid scoop sound only when you turn that pot to the right. It’s my “go to” pedal The m80 has an AC adapter. DiMarcoJan 25, If you want something more versatile, you could also cast your net a bit wider and look into things like a Bass Pod or the Behringer pod knockoff which is surprisingly goodor all kinds of stuff these days.


Can’t play without it. I own both of these pedals and I find the M to be incredibly transparent, it definitely compliments your tone.

Love the sounds it gives. The MXR M80 is a fantastic pedal, really useful 3 band eq, color switch love it on the clean channel, instant useful bass toneI love the drive amount and character.

I’ve got the programmable version, and I’ve got three very different sounds dialed in. Sign In Sign Up. The m80 does and it’s pretty nice. I love pada color switch too btw, as someone said. I find the Sansamp to be more finnicky when it comes to dialing in a sound.

Another option, if you can find one, is the Tech21 Paradriver which has mid control. It’s ok to add some tube ‘hair’ to your tone but that’s it and I’m not into that. Yes, you can go straight to the p. I mean, in a technical sense, the answer is almost certainly yes: Want to add to the discussion?


Sign in with your GC account! I’ve had both, I prefer the MXR, still got it, still use it. You could carve a steak with a parq knife, but why would you, unless that’s all you had?

SansAmp Bass Driver DI or MXR M80 DI+ | Warwick Forum

Sansamp BDDI has a subpar eq section and subpar overdrive. But there is something to be said for single-purpose tools.

In short, I can’t help you out, but I’m confused to why you want one. Why become a member? They are 2 different things for 2 different purposes.

And “more” is really where the Sansamp shines.

Dec 23, Messages: Don’t use the sub to sell or advertise saansamp gear with very few exceptions, ask the mods. You could build a sansamp yourself with a soldering iron and parts from radio shack, or whatever. Would my plan be good, or should i keep my ODB-3?

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